He likes telephone poles and the wires that cross them; bridges and the pylons which support them; skyscrapers and the antennas which sprout out of them. They are the inhabitants of his cities; real and imagined; people are nowhere to be seen- curiously absent but not missed.  He takes great care in depicting details:  windows, transformers, and lightning rods, things made of iron, steel, and glass.

There is something in these drawings that reminds us of a lost civilization- architectural exoskeletons of the past whose inhabitants met with some ill fate.  There is something of a future world too, in which aerial views of bridges mysteriously connect with one another providing ultra modern transport to these spanning cities. These drawings are like treasure maps that can be deciphered in many ways – petraglyph-like rows of houses, a fragment of text here and there are clues for us to follow.

Geoffrey Lum-Perez was born in 1984 and started attending The Alan Short Center (ASC) in Stockton in 2010.  Although he is relatively new to ASC he draws with such a natural precision and rhythm that make his artwork a standout. We hope to add to his portfolio and to document his growth as his work progresses.

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