Virtual Feast

In 2010 DDSO Special Projects conceived Virtual Feast as a way of presenting DDSO’s 35+ years artistic history through an online gallery featuring portfolios of selected Short Center artists accompanied by their bio-documentaries.

Through grants and donations we hope to make this current Virtual Feast website sample into an interactive all-accessible and bi-lingual website. Groups of select DDSO artists and their portfolios will be presented in quarterly online virtual art receptions which will become part of a permanent archive. This rich artistic and cultural legacy of Central California artists with developmental disabilities will then be preserved for all to enjoy.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor partner of Virtual Feast, please access the donation button on the main page which will lead to the DDSO social service website donation option. Please specify that you would like your donation to go to Virtual Feast.

You may also call DDSO at (916) 456-5166 extension 0, or email Special Projects Director James C. Anderson at scr@ddso.org , or email Virtual Feast Curator/Project Coordinator Stephanie Skalisky at outreach@ddso.org for more information.

Developmental Disabilities Service Organization

Developmental Disabilities Service Organization, Inc. (DDSO) was founded in 1975 by Mary Short, wife of State Senator Allan Short, early champion of rights for persons with disabilities and co-author of the Lanterman Act, which de-institutionalized thousands of adults with disabilities from California State mental institutions.

In 1976 DDSO established the first of its three art centers, The Alan Short Center in Stockton, CA, with the philosophy that access to the arts coupled with mentorship by professional artists would unlock the creative potential and self-affirmation of its clients with disabilities. The Short Center North and The Short Center South in Sacramento followed starting in 1979.

DDSO’s mission is  “to enhance the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities by creating options which foster individual growth using the arts as one of its primary modalities”. For 35+ years DDSO has met and exceeded this mission, providing a supportive environment for these artists.

Special Projects

DDSO four Special Projects enhance DDSO’s programs by fostering outreach projects that connect DDSO client artists with the community and connect professional artists with DDSO clients. They are The Short Center Repertory, The Mural Project, Reach In, and Virtual Feast. The Short Center Repertory was established in 1988 with a Residency Grant from the California Arts Council.  This was followed in 1999 with a Multi-residency grant adding The Mural Project and Reach In to DDSO’s outreach efforts.

All of DDSO’s Special Projects have been recognized with multiple Cultural Arts Awards from the Sacramento Metropolitan Art Commission and several National Endowment for the Art Grants.

All DDSO Special Projects are funded entirely by grants and contributions from organizations and individuals.  Our past and present sponsors include The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, The National Endowment for the Arts, The California Arts Council, The Sacramento Region Community Foundation, The Anita MacBride Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, The Odyssey Foundation, The Kelly Foundation, The River Cats Foundation, The Rumsey Community Fund, and The Alan and Mary Short Foundation. Thank You for your support!

Chicken and Eggs by William Haddad Chicken and Eggs by William Haddad

The Great Harlot by Latwan Washington The Great Harlot by Latwan Washingto

Lord Pray by Ray Franklin Lord Pray by Ray Franklin